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Slide Zone

Archetype, Simulacrum, Illusions, Relativity, Digital, Visual, Nature, Understanding, Inspiration, Žarbis

Image creation and extinction. There is one condition that is deep within us and which conceals the hope of eternal life..This image is opens before us the body movements and their parts in the space of a full crack.Te cracks are similar to those from the old ones walls.Ili after long period of drought that furrow country. Any flaws associated with the deterioration. Through every crevice may appear and a new life. Movement and change the principles on which the world.

Vertical movement from down to up and up down in reciting the substance of the spiritual value of the world we are only changing his position depending on the understanding, appreciation, desire, understanding, desire, ambition.Vertical can associate and the man’s position on the border between worlds. The one that exists and the one that does not exist. As we are prisoners of time-space continuum.The only consolation may be the theory of relativity. If all you see is the only trace of our present experience. Life in a different form continues elsewhere.

Everything seems fixed and determined in a world in which we live. But this is a simulacrum, an illusion .. Just be individual inspiration to disrupt relations in the time schedule of the series.

Finally, all images of our lives are deposited in storage space of the chapel. It is an archetype. The dome, as well as sky under which lasts, kid under the stars.


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