Slide Zone

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Slide Zone

Archetype, Simulacrum, Illusions, Relativity, Digital, Visual, Nature, Understanding, Inspiration, Žarbis

Image creation and extinction. There is one condition that is deep within us and which conceals the hope of eternal life..This image is opens before us the body movements and their parts in the space of a full crack.Te cracks are similar to those from the old ones walls.Ili after long period of drought that furrow country. Any flaws associated with the deterioration. Through every crevice may appear and a new life. Movement and change the principles on which the world.

Vertical movement from down to up and up down in reciting the substance of the spiritual value of the world we are only changing his position depending on the understanding, appreciation, desire, understanding, desire, ambition.Vertical can associate and the man’s position on the border between worlds. The one that exists and the one that does not exist. As we are prisoners of time-space continuum.The only consolation may be the theory of relativity. If all you see is the only trace of our present experience. Life in a different form continues elsewhere.

Everything seems fixed and determined in a world in which we live. But this is a simulacrum, an illusion .. Just be individual inspiration to disrupt relations in the time schedule of the series.

Finally, all images of our lives are deposited in storage space of the chapel. It is an archetype. The dome, as well as sky under which lasts, kid under the stars.


Horseshoe (Dream)

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Horseshoe (Dream)

Dream, landscape, beauty, horseshoe, Crna Bara, Banat, rhythm, imagination, transience, free railroad,Rada Žarkov,

I have run out of words to tell you I love you Earth

I went to the sky to find the feather of hell

Will I survive the Stone Age Fire?

If I manage to save a few species

I do not want to draw any glory from it

Nor money, nor a decoration and Justice be

See, Lord, how I lose my head over this

Lord from where?  What do I know, me the rebel

Who comes from brotherly flames, I am so

At the source I take the words so understood they will be

A long time ago a world was only asking to live

After six thousand years here and there towns went to sleep

By I do not know what maybe ignorance

Where fire was burnt by intolerance

There is there distrust in alternation

While there is no more water in the fields

And the light of heaven is refusing her perceptivity

She gave so much and so much kindness

After so many wars under breezes devoid of meaning

Go say to the dictators that she is coming back from ancient times

The Earth who abounds in loving flowers

 Mighty people hear these thousand words from the white dove

Her feathers are turned lovely by them they announce spring

Hello centuries back from wars sailing before the wind

They are slowly drained

Children coming from past times refuse to destroy the Earth

From those fires in which heather over one’s shoulder is dying

See Princes, Tyrants how the sky angers

In your letters made of nuclear alchemies

It’s the same old story welded to our miseries

We forget Fire Sky and Earth

I have run out of words to tell you I love you Earth

I went to the sky to find the feather of hell

Will I survive Stone Age Fire?

See my back broken by all this hell on earth

Exploring osmosis in Universe

I come back from Large Land rewinding the rout backwards

And I spend full nights to save the nightingale singing

Slowly announcing winds of change

By these nonsense where Time, partisan, elegantly discourses

Not to offend the Wind with all of these empty noises, only too often

A war has started there “oh it’s so far” says the guardian stallion

Go Mighty people and tell the flamboyant fires that Earth intolerates

Under the Earth who slowly gets exhausted under ivy

After so many wars rancid cavalier years

Go tell the Sky that I will go and pray on the ephemeral Fire

So that it becomes only a wavering Earth

Where water drop by drop is streaming

The Earth, Noble Lady with the saffron ribbon

Elisabeth Vaury



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Symbolism, Meeting, sky, drama, architecture, impression, dark, nature, inspiration, flight, flock, birds, wings, light, flicker, infinity, cloud, motion, penetration, phenomenon, mark, faith, church, orthodoxy, cross, movie, metaphor, art, separation, fall, Žarkov R,

To a man took off, first he needs some support for the sky. To support his idea of ​​the infinite. To look death in the eye. The temple is full of changes on earth. Through the cracks of matter breaks the spirit of immortality.

Adds bird feathers. The sculpture that hovers in the sky draw. Penetrate the unknown, mysterious to me. With my soul are connected. Let a bird that can imitate you? Light and darkness are mixed purple flashing.Luminosity purified by the wings of birds fall on me. Again?

Somewhere far away, flashing a starry sky on the dome Michelangelo.

The sound of the violin

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Dreamy Leaves

Violin, Leaves, Sound, Yellow, Magic, Scenery, Romantic, Dreamy, inspiration, Rada Žarkov, Zarbis art videos,

Only the magical sound of the violin can give a life to dreamy leaves

House where nobody lives

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House where nobody lives

House, Stormy night, Leaves, Rain, Wind, Whirlwind, Birds, A dramatic scene, Death, Nature, Tensions, Symbol, Soul, Sparrow, Flight, R. Žarkov, Žarbis Art Videos,

In a stormy night

In front of the house where nobody lives

Dying every soul who wanders


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Above poppy fields

Poppy, Cocoons, Field, Symbol, Seeds, Opium, Satisfaction, Health, Sleep, Death, Soul, Outside, Inside, Crowd, R. Žarkov, Žarbis Art Videos,

The exterior and the interior found their harmony

The bitter taste of cocoons hiding the seeds of satisfaction

®. Žarkov

The Last Rose

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The Last Rose

Rose, Dance, Love, Romance, Classic, Memory, Hourglass, Transience, R. Žarkov, Žarbis Art

Hourglass hides her shadow
In the hot sun and the sea shore
You will recognise it
by the smell from afar
® Žarkov